With so much of life being planned around work, school, and organized sports, it’s increasingly important for kids to have unstructured time for play. When we gather to play a game, we open doors to having fun with others while also developing social connections, enhancing creativity, flexing problem-solving muscles, and nurturing emotional well-being. Through play, [...]

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Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Tips for Children

Ideally, kids acquire all the nutritional fuel they need from a healthy balanced organic diet. But even with such a diet, there can still be nutrient deficiencies due to exposure to environmental toxins, illness, or poor health habits and lifestyle choices. Or, if your child is following a special diet or is vegan, they may [...]

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Juice Recipes For Kids

Green “Super Hero” Juice If you are having trouble getting your kids to even look at a glass of green juice (never mind drinking it), what you call it can make all the difference in the world. A few examples: Ninja Turtle Power Juice, Green Lantern Super Juice, or use the name of any green-colored [...]

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Safe Herbs For Kids

Herbs not only enhance the flavor of foods, they provide a gentle, powerful, and natural approach to wellness. There are many safe herbs for kids that can be used as a tonic to support overall health, to support immune function, and to soothe common complaints such as a tummy ache or sore throat. Herbal remedies for [...]

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Power of Juicing

While fresh, whole forms of produce are often best for our bodies, there are times when you might not be able to chow down on mixed veggies. For example, during times of illness or stress, appetite and digestive patterns can change, rendering our bodies less efficient at digesting and absorbing nutrients. That makes juicing an [...]

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Healthy Kids Happy Parents

Raising healthy kids sounds pretty simple: Provide good nutrition and 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Do that, and you’ll reduce your child’s risk for obesity, diabetes, and other chronic disease. But you’re up against a host of unhealthy temptations including advertising, peer pressure, and an abundance of junk food in shiny packaging. The first [...]

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