Detoxing: Strengthening Your Body’s Defense Team

Detoxification is a natural healing process that incorporates resting, cleansing, and nourishing the body from the inside out. By eliminating toxins, then fueling your body with healthy nutrients, a planned period of detox can strengthen your body's natural “Detox Team” and help maintain optimum health. Holistic physicians and proponents of detoxing suggest following a detox [...]

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Go Wild with Dandelion Greens

You might not want dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) dappled across your lawn, but you definitely want to make them a part your healthy diet. For centuries, the sunny yellow dandelion, its greens and roots, has been embraced across cultures for its culinary and medicinal uses. The roots contain several compounds beneficial to health, one of which is [...]

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Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)

Milk Thistle is a medicinal plant that has been used for over 2,000 years to treat digestive, liver and gallbladder conditions. Research has shown Milk Thistle has a protective effect on the liver. The active ingredient in Milk Thistle (MT) is silymarin, which can be extracted from the seeds of the plant. Research conducted in [...]

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Massage Supports Your Body’s Natural Detox

Your body's innate detox system can get sluggish for a variety of reasons such as lack of regular exercise, too little fluids or fiber in your diet, frequent colds, or high stress. A massage can rev-up your body's natural detox process. During massage therapy, the rhythmic strokes and pressure applied to muscles, tissues, and organs [...]

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