Kids And Yoga: Discover the Many Benefits

Under the guidance of a certified instructor, yoga classes for kids focus on building upon each child's strengths while helping them ease stress and bolster self-esteem, cooperation, self-trust, and reverence for one's inner world. These classes are for kids of all ages and typically use music, activities, and props to create a fun, interactive environment. [...]

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Zinc: Essential for Every Body

Zinc is second to iron as the most common mineral in the human body and it's found in every cell, making it vital to the health and well-being of children and adults. Zinc plays an indispensable role in hundreds of biochemical reactions including those that support the development and the health of the blood, skin, [...]

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Elderberry: Medicinal Elixir for the Whole Family

For millennia, physicians, and herbalists have found medicinal uses for all parts of the elder tree, including its wood, leaves, flowers and berries. Leaves were used in ointments to heal skin. The flowers and berries were made into infusions as a common treatment for colds and rheumatic conditions. Today, herbalists and holistic physicians commonly recommend [...]

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The Power of Pecans

Whether you call 'em PEE-can or PEH-kahn, they are one of the most sought after nuts around the globe. A cousin of the walnut, pecans are the only major tree nut native to North America. People love pecans for their versatility: They add a sweet, nutty goodness to breads and cereals, stuffing and spreads, salads [...]

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Your Healthy, Happy Child

There's a lot you can do to help your child maintain optimal health and prevent the occurrence of common illnesses. For instance: Do you model healthy eating? Are you exercising as a family? Do you make time to play and relax? Teach your children the following self-care tips and you're helping them establish a lifetime [...]

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