Herbal Skin Salves

Before there was a pharmacy on every corner and a doctor at the other end of your cell phone, traditional healers relied upon the natural world to harvest, combine, and formulate herbal medicines to heal what ailed the people. Whether to dress a wound, heal irritation and inflammation, or soothe a baby's rash, Mother Nature [...]

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The Power of Vitamin D

Vitamin D: not only is it powerful, it's vital for good health. Although it's called a vitamin, D is actually a steroid hormone that acts as a catalyst for processes that protect our cells. Every tissue in the body needs vitamin D, yet a large percentage of the world's population is deficient, or borderline deficient, [...]

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Calendula Salve

Using calendula flowers, you can make your own healing salve with this easy recipe. Beeswax acts as a preservative, giving this salve a shelf life of about six months. After that time, it will develop a rancid odor letting you know it's shelf life has expired. Store the salve in an airtight container, in a [...]

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Gentle, Effective Skin Healer: Calendula

Considered a first-aid all-star, Calendula (Calendula officinalis) bears the nickname "mother of the skin." It's been used for health remedies and spiritual rituals dating back to ancient Egypt and early Christianity. Boasting antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties, calendula is still used to help heal skin inflamed by chafing, blisters, bites, and burns, as well as [...]

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Cherries on Top for Fighting Inflammation

Succulent cherries, both sweet and tart, provide wonderful health benefits. They contain the antioxidant vitamin C along with substances called anthocyanins, both of which help scavenge those pesky free radicals that cause damage to cells (known as oxidative stress). Anthocyanins, which give cherries their deep crimson color, also play a role in reducing cancer risk. [...]

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When the Skin Erupts: Healing Eczema and Psoriasis

When those painful, itchy patches of eczema and psoriasis erupt, doctors of natural medicine ask, 'what is causing this condition to present at this time?' The Greek translation of eczema means "to boil out," so the question makes sense: holistic physicians look for the underlying root causes that bring about these skin eruptions. Although they [...]

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