Surprise Your Taste Buds with Sunchokes

On your next foray down the produce aisle, don't overlook the wonderful sunchoke, aka Jerusalem Artichoke. These tubers look nothing like an artichoke and are easily mistaken for a strange potato! A native North American plant, sunchokes are a member of the sunflower family. Low in calories and nutrient dense, sunchokes provide iron, potassium, thiamin [...]

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Why is Nutrient Assessment Important?

How are your cells doing today? Don't know? Then a Nutrient Assessment might be in order. Here's the truth of it: If your body is missing - or even short on - key vitamins and minerals, your cells will not perform at optimal level. This can affect your daily energy, quality of sleep, mental and [...]

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May the Force ‘B’ With You, Vegetarian!

Vegetarianism has many health advantages, but a poorly designed diet poses significant health risks. Research shows that vegetarians (and vegans) are vulnerable to deficiencies in two important B vitamins: B12 (cobalamin) and B6 (pyridoxine). If ever a group of vitamins could be considered "the Force" within you, it's the B-Complex group, which synergistically supports energy [...]

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Roasted Sunchokes With Garlic

Simplicity can be the spice of life and this recipe offers both. Sunchokes have a delightful flavor that is enhanced in this recipe with fresh minced garlic, parsley and Olive Oil. Roasting makes sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes) tender on the inside and lightly crisp on the outside. This dish is a perfect addition to any evening [...]

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Got Sprouts? Health Benefits of Alfalfa

What makes a sprout so good for you? Sprouting is the moment of greatest vitality in a plant's life cycle, the phase in which the seed activates and makes its way through the topsoil and sprouts into the fresh air above. At this high point of metabolic and enzymatic changes, the sprout contains high levels [...]

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Tips for Going Vegetarian

There's Vegetarian, and there's Vegan. Related, yet different. Both diets eliminate meat, fish, and poultry. Vegans don't eat any dairy, eggs, or other products derived from animals. Sub-types of vegetarianism, however, make exceptions for certain animal products: Lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat both dairy products and eggs. Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy products but avoid eggs. Ovo-vegetarians eat eggs but [...]

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