Dr. Dzvonick wearing mask at California Naturopathic Clinic

Our Covid-19 Policy

 Current Rules

If you’re one of our patients and you think you have been exposed to Covid-19 and develop a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, don’t come to the clinic. Instead call us for medical advice. We are not providing testing for Covid-19. We offer phone and secure Telemedicine appointments for all patients. We are providing in-person visits at this time. If you need to purchase or pickup a product, you can enter the office to pay and pick up your item(s) during regular office hours. You should call the office first to make sure we have your item(s).

We are not requiring masks. 

03/23/21 Update Starting April 6th, 2021 we will begin seeing patients in-person again. Yay! For your convenience we will continue to offer telemedicine and phone visits as well. To protect staff and other patients during the current pandemic, for all in-person visits, the following is required:
    • Everyone ages 7 and above must wear a proper mask while in the office.
    • We are allowing one person (the patient) in the exam room at a time. For special circumstances, 1 additional person will be allowed in the exam room (i.e., pediatric visit, interpreter, etc.)
    • Our waiting room is closed to the public at this time. You must wait for your appointment outside of the office. When you arrive for your appointment, call the office to let us know you’ve arrived and we will let you know when to come in.

12/02/20 Update

Due to the heavy impact of Covid-19 in our area we have reduced our office hours. Beginning 12/14/20 the office will be closed on Mondays. 

We will continue to have regular patient visits via phone or telemedicine on Tuesdays – Thursdays. 

10/21/20 Update

We hope you are all safe and coping well with the effects of the current health crisis we are facing. We understand how this has been hard on all of us. Right now, we are getting into the heart of the Fall, and Winter is just around the corner.

Because our community will be dealing with both the normal flu season and the Covid-19 crisis, we feel it is in the best interest of all our patients and our staff that we move to telemedicine and phone appointments only during the next few months. Therefore, beginning November 16 and until such time as circumstances are safer, no in-person visits will be conducted except for IV patients who are currently under treatment. If you currently have a scheduled appointment for November 16 or after, we will contact you to switch you to a phone or video appointment. For your information, we use Updox, which is a user friendly, HIPAA compliant telemedicine service. 

For those who need to pick up dietary supplements, you can order them at our FullScript Shop or we will take your orders by phone or email. We will ask that you pay at the time of ordering. We will get your order ready, and then you will just have to knock at the door to pick it up.

We are doing this in the interest of all our patients to minimize (as much as possible) the potential spread of either the flu or Covid-19. We hope you will all do what you can to protect yourselves, including getting a flu vaccine if you can. Social distance, wear masks, try to get regular exercise and eat as healthy as possible to help mitigate your potential risk/severity of infection. 

As always, we deeply appreciate your choosing us for your healthcare needs.

Kindest regards,
Dr. Bryan Dzvonick, N.D. and Stephanie Dzvonick, Office Manager