“I diagnose disease and provide non-drug treatments so you can feel better.”

– Dr. Bryan Dzvonick, Naturopathic Doctor

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Family Medicine

Dr. Dzvonick provides naturopathic care for all members of the family, big and small.

Vitamin Drips

Check out our IV room. It’s comfortable so you can relax and enjoy your treatment.

Friendly Staff

Office manager Stephanie is here to help because she wants to see you get better too.

Why you’ll love improving your health with us.

We’re on time

You’re seen at your scheduled appointment time. As a result, you spend more time with the doctor and less time waiting.

We listen

Your concerns are well heard and the doctor is happy to answer your questions. Dr. Dzvonick loves hearing your story because it helps him give you a better treatment plan.

Better diagnostics

The doctor orders a wider range of diagnostic tests because getting to the root cause is better than just treating symptoms.

Custom treatments

Your treatment plan is comprehensive, specific to you and involves strategies to facilitate healing.

Better service

Overall, our naturopathic practice places great emphasis on customer service because who doesn’t like being treated well?


First of all, you get more time with the doctor who actually listens to you. Next, you get a non-drug solution because there’s more to medicine than just a pill. Finally, you’re educated on how to maintain your new healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the doctor sign a medical exemption for vaccinations?

No. You or your child will need to be evaluated by an MD or DO and they will decide if a medical exemption is necessary.

How much does it cost?

Our prices for visits and IV Vitamin Drips are listed here. Overall costs vary based on your case and what diagnostic tests and treatment plans the doctor orders for you.

Are your services covered by insurance?

No. Insurance companies in California currently do not directly cover our services. Most PPO insurances cover some labs & imaging ordered by Dr. Dzvonick. Many of our patients use their HSA or FSA accounts to pay for their care. Medicare plans do not cover our services. It is important to note that healthcare in the United States is failing you the patient. A major contributor to this failure is the limitations that health insurance companies impose on health care freedom.

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