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We don’t treat diseases, we treat people. We order a wider range of diagnostic tests because getting to the root cause is better than just treating symptoms. Our wellness plans are custom, comprehensive and designed to help you heal.

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Janet Gonzalez
Janet Gonzalez
Visited Dr. Dzvonick for a second opinion. I’m currently suffering from HBP spikes and hypothyroidism/Hashimoto, told him all of my concerns and he went straight to what we needed to do for testing that can determine the root cause of my health issues. I felt very comfortable and understood as I really want to heal my body as best I can. I’m looking forward for the next visit to discuss the steps I need to take, to get my body back to optimal health. Thank you Dr. Dzvonick for your time. I highly appreciated.
Taylor Ezell
Taylor Ezell
California Naturopathic Clinic helped me more in one session than my specialist had in 5 months. The doctor was very attentive and was determined to find a solution to my medical issues. Highly recommend!
Miriam Mendoza
Miriam Mendoza
I started going to Dr Dzonick a lil over a year ago and I’m so glad I did. He listens to me let’s me explain all my hormonal symptoms that come with hypothyroidism. He is a Dr that really cares for his patients. His wife Stephanie is so kind and always so helpful. They are a great team!!!
Kat Burgess
Kat Burgess
The Dr. took his time with us and created a plan for us as well. I am very confident that my daughter's medical issue will improve. I was not able to find a knowledgeable doctor in my area, so we drove over an hour to see Dr. D. We were very satisfied with his clinic and will be monthly patients of his. Thanks so much for being our breath of fresh air!
Alexandra Dobson
Alexandra Dobson
Chrissy Brinton
Chrissy Brinton
I love bringing my daughter here for wellness exams and illnesses. Dr. D is very knowledgeable and can always recommend the best natural remedies!
Latausha Cuffie
Latausha Cuffie
I can't say enough good things about my experience with California Naturopathic Clinic and Dr. Dzvonic. I initially went for a second opinion on a thyroid cancer diagnoses and complete removal recommendation by a Kaiser Endo, and received way more than I bargained for. Dr. D spent an hour with me reviewing each of my health concerns in detail, discussed the science behind why my body responds to food and environment they way it does, and gave me a mapped out detailed plan to get me moving in the right direction. He then gave me a list of blood tests which later confirmed the path of behavior modification he already laid out for me was appropriate. Kaisers response to the blood tests was a diagnoses message delivered by a medical assistant with instruction to go to the pharmacy, so disappointing. In one month I've lost 17 pounds, a repeat blood test show improvement in all areas of concern primarily my A1c moving from 7.3 to 6.7. I knew it could be done and just needed someone to explain how and provide direction. I have new life skills that have increased my energy, removed the mental fog and total body inflammation, decreased blood sugars, and helped me fit in my clothes better. I'm not where I plan to be but definitely on my way. I highly recommend the care Dr. D provides to anyone needing an alternative to becoming a permanent customer of the pharmaceutical companies at the recommendation of a MD. Hands down he is worth every penny! Put your HealthFSA to work for you and have your primary absorb the costs for the test when possible.
Alex Vargas
Alex Vargas
I have been having thyroid issues for the last six months. I went to my primary doctor (HMO)4 months ago and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. They ran some tests but did not talk to me about anything in the environment/regular routines that could be affecting my health. Doctor Dzvonick took the time to ask me about my personal life and found out that I am using a chemical for work that could likely be the cause of my symptoms. Now I’m going to have some tests done that were not offered with my HMO doctor including a test for food sensitivities. I left with more hope as he is putting a comprehensive plan together for me. Thank you Dr. for your dedication to exploring all possibilities in order to best help me. You are truly a professional in your field.
Lyndsey Morgan
Lyndsey Morgan
Jailyn Patrick
Jailyn Patrick

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