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Dr. Bryan Dzvonick

Naturopathic Doctor

“I’m different than most doctors. I challenge the status quo. The result is my patients feel better.”

Want to feel better?

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Meet the Doctor

He’s friendly and funny but most of all he cares about your health.

Family Medicine

Dr. Dzvonick with pediatric patient

Dr. Dzvonick provides naturopathic care for all members of the family, big and small.

Vitamin Drips

Patients receiving IV Vitamin Drips in our IV room

Check out our IV room. It’s comfortable so you can relax and enjoy your treatment.

Friendly Staff

Stephanie on the phone at California Naturopathic Clinic

Office manager Stephanie is here to help because she wants to see you get better too.

Why you’ll love improving your health with us.

We’re on time

You’re seen at your scheduled appointment time. As a result, you spend more time with the doctor and less time waiting.

We listen

Your concerns are well heard and the doctor is happy to answer your questions. Dr. Dzvonick loves hearing your story because it helps him give you a better treatment plan.

Better diagnostics

The doctor orders a wider range of diagnostic tests because getting to the root cause is better than just treating symptoms.

Custom treatments

Your treatment plan is comprehensive, specific to you and involves strategies to facilitate healing.

Better service

Overall, our naturopathic practice places great emphasis on customer service because who doesn’t like being treated well?


First of all, you get more time with the doctor who actually listens to you. Next, you get a non-drug solution because there’s more to medicine than just a pill. Finally, you’re educated on how to maintain your new healthy life.

Astounding Patient Satisfaction!

They really took their time to listens and has an interest in my health. Unlike other doctors he genuinely has an interest in finding out what’s going on with me, and making me well again. Unlike most doctors that run cookie cutter offices to try to get you in and out as fast as they can like in assembly line. After years I finally found someone who genuinely cares. Thank you

Robert D, FullSlate

My last appt. I came in and sat down and Dr. Dzvonick had already prepared a plan for me to get ready for an upcoming surgery I will be going through, as well as a post-op plan. I couldn’t be happier. I am already feeling the effects of the detox diet and supplements I am taking and look forward to a healthier future. Thank you!

Rhonda B, FullSlate

Dr. Dzvonick and Stephanie are absolutely wonderful to work with. I came to CNC last October after having a bad pap smear from my OBGYN…I am happy to report that I have completed the treatment and just got the results to my pap smear….and they are normal! I am so happy that I came here and didn’t let my former OBGYN scare tactic me into a  surgery that was clearly unnecessary. I highly recommend California Naturopathic Clinic!

Coleen G, Yelp

Dr Dzvonick is amazing! After years of struggling with doctors not understanding hypothyroidsim, he was a breath of fresh air. Dr Dzvonick spent an hour truly listening to my concerns and answering my questions. I feel as if I now have a partner in my health care. Would recommend anyone with hypothyroidism go see him.

Diane S, FullSlate
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