Hormone Therapy

You CAN feel better.

Time Never Waits. Why Should You?

Hormone therapy done the right way.

With salivary hormone testing, lifestyle medicine, and bioidentical hormone therapy you can feel better and enjoy life.

Female Hormones

Get back in

Thyroid & Other Hormones

Better testing
and more options.

Male Hormones

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on your game.

The Right Lab Tests

Salivary hormone testing.

Testing hormones through saliva gives a more precise measurement of the free hormones available for your body to use.1 This is how we are so successful at prescribing the appropriate doses of hormones.
Natural Hormone Therapy Saliva Test Example

Feel Young Again with Lifestyle Changes

Hormone balance with
a strong foundation.

We Prescribe Bioidentical Hormones

Custom compounded prescriptions.

When it comes to hormones, one size does not fit all. That’s why we prescribe hormones specifically for each individual person.

What Happens on a Visit at California Naturopathic Clinic?

How we work.

1Not all hormones can be tested through saliva. We also order other tests (i.e., urine and blood) when necessary.