Pricing for Telemedicine and In-Person Visits0

New Patient Visit


$ 279
  • Ages 18 & Older
  • 60 Minute Visit
  • Address 1-3 Health Concerns
  • Comprehensive Medical Intake
  • Physical Exam1
  • Diagnostic Test Orders2


$ 209
  • Ages 17 & Below
  • 45 Minute Visit
  • Address 1-3 Health Concerns
  • Comprehensive Medical Intake
  • Physical Exam1
  • Diagnostic Test Orders2

Return Patient Visit

For established patients.3


$ 69
  • 15 Minute Visit


$ 139
  • 30 Minute Visit


$ 209
  • 45 Minute Visit

Well-Child Exam

$ 79
  • 30 Minute Visit

Most Asked Question

Are naturopathic doctors covered by insurance in California?

Health insurance companies in the state of California are not required to contract with licensed naturopathic doctors. However some companies will reimburse you for our services. Read more below.

Ways to Save

Put your HSA or FSA to work for you.

  • Use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) card to pay for our services.
  • For patients with PPO insurance most labs and imaging ordered by us are covered at your in-network lab.
  • Ask your health insurance provider if you can be reimbursed for Naturopathic Doctor services.
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IV Vitamins

For established patients.3 Certain restrictions apply.4

4For new IV patients a brief intake is required prior to the administration of the IV. The brief intake does not guarantee you will be treated with IV therapy. Treatment is based on the condition of your health and what the doctor prescribes.

5Subject to availability and compatibility with specific IV bag. Necessity and dosage to be determined by the doctor.

Other Pricing

For other services not listed elsewhere.

B12 Shot

$ 29
  • Methylcobalamin

Glutathione Shot

$ 29
  • Antioxidant

What Happens on a Visit at California Naturopathic Clinic?

How we work.

0Only available to patients in the state of California at the time of their visit.

1Physical exam only applies to in-person visits and is not included in telemedicine visits.

2“Diagnostic test orders” means the doctor may order labs or imaging during your visit. Laboratory and imaging fees are an additional expense and usually range between $20 and $500.

3Established patients are patients who have been seen by Dr. Dzvonick within 3 years.

All Injection therapy (i.e., B12, Glutathione) is subject to availability of ingredients.

All pricing subject to change.