How to Stop Worrying About Your Health

Intro Hello everybody. Dr. Bryan Dzvonick here. In the following transcript from the above video, I discuss how to stop worrying about your health because it’s making you feel worse. Enjoy. If you have a health condition, that alone is bad enough. Constantly worrying about it only makes it worse. In fact, when you [...]

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Yoga Eyes and You

The idea that certain eye movement patterns can correct vision abnormalities such as near- or farsightedness has been around since the 1920s. While there's no scientific evidence to support these claims, exercising the eyes does have health benefits. The eyes are supported by bands of muscles (the extraocular muscles) that control their movement. Exercising those [...]

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Digestive complaints are among the most common health concerns. If you're experiencing distress, a holistic practitioner will evaluate the foods and substances you are eating to identify where a reaction exists. There are many ways to conduct a dietary analysis, including a food diary, food allergy testing, and elimination diets. The FODMAP Diet is often [...]

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Ah, The Health Benefits of a Good Stretch

You know you should do it, but in a rush, you often skip it: Stretching. It's important to your health, regardless of how intensely you do - or do not - exercise. Regular stretching helps increase muscle flexibility, which is one of the important factors of fitness. Muscles that are limber have better reaction times, [...]

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Hydrotherapy Home Remedies for Fever

When an adult is struck down with fever, we make our way through the misery. When a child runs a temp that just doesn't come down (or keeps rising), you want to have every reasonable remedy on-hand to help make the child comfortable. The hydrotherapy remedies described below are also suitable for adults but our [...]

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So Many Apps, So Little Time: Which Fitness & Diet App is Best for You?

Sticking to diet, fitness or other wellness goals can be made simpler by using some of the many popular apps on the market. A well-designed app can help you stay motivated, track progress, and provide reinforcement for even the smallest successes. With thousands of apps available, the hardest part is figuring out which ones [...]

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Doing Good for Others is Good for Your Health

Lower stress, higher self-confidence, and enhanced social relationships - sounds like the health benefits of exercise, right? Surprise! Those benefits also come from volunteering. Whether you're working at a food shelter, giving time as a literacy mentor, or helping out after a natural disaster, the many ways of doing good for others is also good [...]

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Exploring Natural Antibiotics

Protecting yourself against infection can be done naturally. But where do you begin? Foremost, if you suspect you have an infection (you're coughing, expelling mucus, are feverish, etc.), now is not the time to experiment: You absolutely should be working with a holistic doctor to treat the infection. If your current aim is to boost [...]

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Why is Nutrient Assessment Important?

How are your cells doing today? Don't know? Then a Nutrient Assessment might be in order. Here's the truth of it: If your body is missing - or even short on - key vitamins and minerals, your cells will not perform at optimal level. This can affect your daily energy, quality of sleep, mental and [...]

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Herbal Skin Salves

Before there was a pharmacy on every corner and a doctor at the other end of your cell phone, traditional healers relied upon the natural world to harvest, combine, and formulate herbal medicines to heal what ailed the people. Whether to dress a wound, heal irritation and inflammation, or soothe a baby's rash, Mother Nature [...]

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